Our people

The Biggan Design team is made up of a small number of passionate and energetic people. It comprises company founders Biggan Ryd-Dups and Kennerley Dups, and a dedicated and talented staff of professional knitters.

Behind the company is an amazing network of family and friends, who provide us with constant inspiration, encouragement and fun.

We hope that you too will feel part of our wider community by creating your own designs with our colourful yarns, and inspiring us and others with your unique talents.



Co-Founder & Creative Director

I have always been a knitter. I was just five years old when I asked my mother, Ylva, to teach me to knit, and since then I have been unable to put down my needles. After graduating from Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm, I ran a successful knitwear design business in Sweden. I worked with wool in a wide range of vibrant colours, made hand-knitted garments and designed patterns for hand knitters. My business was both satisfying and in great demand because hand knitters were easily able to make beautiful, original garments from my patterns.

I met Kennerley in Paris in 1977 while we were both working there, and we later got married. Kennerley’s work led to several overseas postings and this, together with raising three young daughters, convinced me to temporarily put my business on hold.

In 1982, we moved with our young family to Australia and have called it home ever since. All those years surrounded by different cultures have left their mark, however, and are a constant source of inspiration for my design.




Co-Founder & Executive Director

Kennerley is an English/Australian geophysicist, who comes from a family of shipbuilders and cotton spinning manufacturers from the area around Manchester in the UK.

Although not a knitter himself, Kennerley says he has yarn in his blood, and spends his time helping to run Biggan Design alongside his geophysical consultancy.






Operations & Marketing Manager

Eleanor grew up with knitting, and was an early convert to the continental knitting method. She helps Biggan run the business on a day to day basis, including all operations and marketing. Her background in Classics and her appreciation for Art & Design holds her in good stead in her role.

Eleanor is passionate about reviving the Australian Wool Industry, and promoting its interests globally. 







Social Media & Blog Fairy

Since Cat was little she watched in awe as her mother whisked up super fast knitted garments with what she was convinced were sticks of magic because her child’s eyes could not fathom what was happening with the yarn. This fascination with apparently magical knitting was the foundation for Catriona's prowess as knitter and blogger extraordinaire.

Catriona loves all things Vintage, particularly if they are of the knitted vintage variety, and to that end goes crazy for vintage knitting patterns and other repurposed vintage finds.





In-House Photographer

Hannah is a prominent Brisbane-based photographer, whose artistic eye and attention to fine detail melds perfectly with the Biggan Design ethos. 

Hannah is passionate about promoting healthy lifestyle, simple pleasures, and creating beautiful images. You can find more information about Hannah on her professional website.


Our philosophy