Our philosophy

At Biggan Design, we believe in conducting all aspects of our lives with sincerity and compassion. We believe that this is the mainspring of an ethical life, through which we will contribute to increased goodness, happiness, and diversity of nature on our planet.

We aim to sustainably produce the finest merino yarn in a wide range of brilliant colours and at a fair price, and to promote well-being through the crafting and wearing of functional and beautiful hand-knitted garments.

Our other, equally-important goals include:

  • We will provide our customers with friendly service and accurate information, and we will refund or replace any damaged or unwanted goods
  • We will create a happy and rewarding work environment for our employees and associates
  • We will support the creation of sustainable employment for the farming community
  • We will promote the welfare and diversity of not only sheep, but of all animals and the natural environment
  • We will lower our carbon footprint by seeking local suppliers and partners, to ensure that the movement of goods is kept to a minimum.

Our products