Knitting and colour

With the increasing pace of modern life, slower pastimes like knitting and crocheting have been enjoying a revival. It seems that more and more of us are seeking respite in handcrafts.

We love knitting. For us, it isn’t only about creating something beautiful and functional from needles and yarn, but the actual physical act of knitting. The rhythmic motion of our hands and fingers, the tactile pleasure of the yarn sliding through our fingers, the gentle whisper of knitting needle against knitting needle – they all combine to create a form of moving meditation. As the yarn transforms itself into its finished form, you can literally feel tensions easing and tranquillity returning.

Increasingly, science is confirming the therapeutic benefits of knitting and other handcrafts. In addition to its relaxing qualities, it seems that practising our fine motor skills and learning new techniques stimulate and challenge our brains.


In the subtropical climate of Brisbane, we are surrounded by colour. It is green all year round, the sky is usually clear blue, and each season brings its own palette of hues as flowers bloom and fade. Drenched in colour as we are, it’s easy to overlook its importance to our state of mind.

But anyone who has spent a winter in the northern hemisphere understands the lift a defiantly red scarf or beanie gives the spirits in the face of a cold, grey day.

In Western culture, certain attributes are traditionally associated with specific colours, such as:


Power, sophistication, elegance


Purity, innocence, simplicity


Earthiness, reliability


Energy, love, passion, danger, anger


Energy, warmth, flamboyance


Joy, optimism


Nature, youth, health


Calm, serenity, comfort


Luxury, exoticism


Romance, femininity

Here at Biggan Design, we love colour, and we believe strongly in its effects on our emotions. Why not browse our extensive colour palette, and find a hue that resonates perfectly with your mood?