Choosing the right size

To make sizing simple between different countries with varying sizing systems, the sizing in our patterns is the same as your bust or hip measurement in centimetres. So if you are 95cm around the bust, or 92-97cm around the hip, that is the size you follow. This ensures there is no confusion about which size will fit you. If you are in between two measurements, it is best to choose the next size up.  

Adjusting the pattern for correct length

Sweaters or vests should always be shortened or lengthened before making decreases for the armhole. If you are shorter than 160cm, take 2cm off the bodice and sleeve length. Conversely, if you are taller than 170cm, add 2cm onto the bodice and sleeve length.

For each 7cm (for women) or 5cm (for men) that the garment is lengthened, add an additional ball to the yarn requirements.