Circular or straight?

Knitting on circular needles

When knitting a vest or jumper on a circular needle, you only have the shoulder seams to sew together, and for a skirt or a beanie you have no seams at all!

To knit stocking stitch on a circular needle, you knit every round (no purl stitches), as you are always knitting in the same direction – like a spiral. This makes knitting very even, easy and quick and the garment is ready to wear as soon the loose ends have been fastened.

Knitting on straight needles

All of our Biggan Design garments, except for skirts, can be knitted on straight needles if you prefer. Just halve the amount of stitches, making one front piece and one back piece to be knitted separately. Add two extra stitches to each piece (one stitch on either side) for side seams.

Follow the pattern as written but, again, halve the amount of stitches to be increased or decreased on a row. Make increases or decreases three stitches in from either side.

If you want to knit sleeves on straight needles, cast on the same amount of stitches as would be picked up around the armhole and add an extra two stitches for seaming. Once again, decreases should be made three stitches in from each side. You may wish to knit sleeves this way if you find the work too unwieldy or heavy, particularly if it is a large, male sweater.

Block each piece before sewing them together with mattress or back stitch.